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At our tutoring service, we offer a broad range of subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, with a focus on providing comprehensive support that addresses the diverse needs of our students across the Math and Science curriculum, and we aim to expand our subject offerings in the near future

We only offer online lessons to accommodate different preferences and

Our tutors are experienced professionals who hold relevant academic degrees and certifications in math and science, and are passionate about education. We uphold the highest standards of quality instruction by subjecting our teachers to a strict selection process. All tutors possess PVG Certificates.

Students are helped in preparing for their exams by sitting practice tests, given tips from past papers and assigned extra work targeting their weakness in
aspects of the subject.

We provide online one-on-one and group sessions. For local students, face-to-face group sessions are available.

Our tutors assess the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student, adapt their teaching methods accordingly, and provide personalized support to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

Yes, our all tutors are UK based.

Yes, many tutors offer trial sessions or introductory lessons to give you the opportunity to assess their teaching style and expertise before making a commitment to a series of regular weekly lessons. These trial sessions are typically shorter and more cost-effective, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether the tutor aligns with your learning needs and preferences. It’s a convenient way to ensure that you’re comfortable with your choice before proceeding with a more extended commitment.

The majority of our students currently opt for one-on-one online lessons. For detailed information on how online lessons are conducted, please refer to the provided link. If you have specific inquiries, further details will be available upon contacting us, and our tutors can assist with all aspects of the setup process.

Absolutely! Excel in MathSci Ltd. takes pride in its reputation as a reliable and reputable platform for tutoring services. Our dedicated tutors are highly qualified in Math, Physics, and Chemistry, ensuring that students receive top-notch education and support. We prioritize excellence and have a track record of helping students succeed in their academic pursuits. Rest assured, you can trust Excel in MathSci Ltd. to provide quality education and support for your learning needs.

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